Italian Social Marketing Network Newsletter 167

The Future at the 2019 World Social Marketing Congress in Edinburgh

Off the cuff reflections about 10 topics I liked.


1. The Future: Ethics.

Jeff French, Brigitte Boonen, Krzysztof Kubacki: Ethics in Social Marketing:

2. The Future: Training on the shoulders of giants.

Nancy Lee: A reflection on lessons learned and looking to the future

3. The Future: Digital World.

4. The Future: Evidence Base for Social Marketing.

Doug Evans, Diogo Veríssimo, Sohail Agha, Jeff French: The Evidence Base for Social Marketing

5. The Future: The Public Health

Alex Aiken: Delivering Quality Campaigns at Scale

6. The Future: The Myth

Bill Novelli: Leveraging the Power of the Private Sector for Social Impact

7. The Future: Food, health and the environment.

Nadina Luca, Kelley Dennings, Becky Ramsing, Meatless Monday, Seda Erdem, Ariadne Kapetanaki, Yana Manyuk: A systems perspective on healthy and sustainable diets.


8. The Future: A Social Marketing Political Manifesto 

Carlos Oliveira Santos: What’s new and old in social marketing thinking? Reaffirming its political grounds.

9. The Future: Participants from thirty countries. Voices from Italy.

  • Anna Maria Murante: A self-management educational intervention for persons with diabetes: findings on the support of social networks and its association with eating behaviors’ changes.
  • Riccardo Bulgarelli, Rebecca Molinari, Erika Simonazzi, Sara Vancini, Elena Veronesi, Giuseppe Fattori: Progetto Raperonzolo-dona i tuoi capelli.
  • Emilia Vergalito, Martina Sacco, Giuseppe Fattori – Social Marketing and Environment: Plogging for students of University of Bologna.

10. The Future:  Ten years with Suzanne Suggs. Anniversary!


Lugano: Summer School courses in Social Marketing