Italian Social Marketing Association Newsletter 196

Introduction to Behaviour Change – Sharyn Rundle-Thiele and  Julia Carins


18 January, 21:57

Prof Sharyn Rundle-Thiele and Dr Julia Carins take you through the CBE process and show you where and how to apply key marketing principles in your programs.

Nutrition Meets Social Marketing: Targeting Health Promotion Campaigns to Young Adults Using the Living and Eating for Health Segments


18 January, 21:44

Social marketing practices can enhance the utility of nutrition and health messages to young adults in order to engage them in adopting positive lifestyle change.

Vaping: The real dollars behind fake consumer organisations – Le Monde


18 January, 18:19

An investigation by “Le Monde” and “The Investigative Desk” reveals the alliance between the tobacco lobby and the networks of American oil tycoons to prevent regulations on electronic cigarettes.

Social media e ragazzini che “SVAPANO”


18 January, 21:29

L’industria del tabacco si rivolge ai ragazzi attraverso i social media e paga gli influencer per promuovere le sigarette elettroniche su Instagram o TicTok eludendo le leggi sulla pubblicità che proteggono i giovani.

ISDE, Zorba/Green Social Festival, Marketing sociale

Principles and steps for applying a behavioural perspective to public health -WHO


18 January, 18:11

Participatory approaches should be used in planning, designing and implementing health policies and programmes.

Les 3 voies du changement comportemental – Marie-Laure Mourre


18 January, 22:03

La courbe de l’Université de Washington présentée par Marie-Laure Mourre

Fashion has a huge waste problem. Here’s how it can change


18 January, 22:34

Three-quarters of our clothing will end up burned or buried in landfill. For the fashion industry to thrive, it urgently needs to ditch the take-make-waste system.

Social media and vaccine hesitancy: new updates for the era of COVID-19 and globalized infectious diseases – Human Vaccines


18 January, 22:26

Despite major advances in vaccination over the past century, resurgence of vaccine-preventable illnesses has led the World Health Organization to identify vaccine hesitancy as a major threat to global health.Vaccine hesitancy may be fueled by health information obtained from a social media platforms.

“Natural Is Better”: How the Appeal To Nature Fallacy Derails Public Health – By Sofia Deleniv, Dan Ariely, & Kelly Peters


18 January, 13:22

People tend to see “natural” as a cue for “safe.” This fallacy is a component of vaccine resistance—but we may be able to flip this inclination to encourage uptake.

An upper bound on one-to-one exposure to infectious human respiratory particles – PNAS


18 January, 10:12

Schematics of scenarios investigated in this study. (A and B) The mask-is scenario: a masked infectious breathing/speaking to a breathing-only masked susceptible, …

I concetti essenziali del marketing sociale. Prossimamente l’edizione italiana


22 December 2021, 22:06

“Social Marketing Key Concepts and Principles” è un corso online autogestito di tre moduli sempre disponibile e che può essere studiato ad un ritmo che si adatta alle esigenze degli studenti.

Maurice Béjart- Bolero de Ravel


18 January, 10:25

2 eme partie du boléro dansé par Elisabeth Ros et Octavio Stanley – Ballet du XXème Siècle. Maurice Béjart

I produttori di sigarette si sono rivolti ai gruppi libertari e li hanno pagati.. – Internazionale


18 January, 18:58

Le lobby del tabacco e del petrolio si sono alleate per finanziare in segreto falsi gruppi di consumatori che difendono l’uso delle sigarette elettroniche.

L’obiettivo principale è promuovere un’ideologia di destra

contraria a ogni regolamentazione statale.



18 January, 20:55

The international conference intends to address the perspectives of public communication in different European countries, stimulating comparison between academics and taking into consideration the professional associations operating in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2021.  L’Italia tra i peggiori.


18 January, 21:14

Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2021 is a global survey on how governments are responding to tobacco industry interference and protecting their public health policies from commercial and vested interests.

In a global pandemic, where smoking is a risk factor for severe coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, the tobacco industry (TI) continued producing, distributing and selling its harmful products.

Promoting policies for health, well-being and equity – IUHPE 15-19 Maggio Montréal


18 January, 22:40

Health is a priority for all countries. Policies structure and guide action in various sectors of society. They are a key element in improving the health and well-being of populations and in reducing health inequalities. The development and adoption of policies that promote health and well-being for all and reduce inequalities have been central to health promotion strategies.

The Future of Fashion Is Justice


18 January, 22:43

California and New York are paving the way to sustainable and equitable fashion, signaling a major shift in the industry.

Cosa è l’esitazione vaccinale? Ecco cosa suggerisce la letteratura scientifica – Il sole 24 ore


18 January, 22:33

Alcuni studi hanno tentato una sintesi delle numerose ricerche prodotte nei quasi due anni di pandemia. Qui ne trovate quattro.

Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2021


18 January, 18:21

The Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2021 shows how well governments are protecting public health policies from the tobacco industry’s meddling. The industry works relentlessly to delay and defeat tobacco control efforts around the world so that it can protect its profits. This annual report finds the industry is trying to block life saving policies even during a global pandemic when health should be a number one priority.