Italian Social Marketing Association Newsletter 197

European Social Marketing Conference in Greece 22-24 June Salonicco


19 February, 11:39

New ideas and evidence will be presented at the conference by thought leaders, practitioners, students and those with a passion for making positive behaviour change happen in their community, country or region.

Nudge et Marketing social – Clés et expériences inspirantes pour changer les comportements – P.Gurviez, S.Raffin


19 February, 23:30

Comment changer les comportements ?Vous voulez en savoir plus sur les nudges et le marketing social.Vous souhaitez agir face aux défis sociétaux (changement climatique, discrimination, droits des femmes, tabagisme, etc.).

Marketing for Social Impact UK – 18 May 2022


Today, 00:12

The University of Brighton, CIM, European Social Marketing Association and Fuse Events are proud to announce that on 18 May 2022 the first Marketing for Social Impact UK event will be held at Brighton University Business School. Find out more at

Gonzalo Díaz Meneses: Public Marketing Idea Bulletin 8


Today, 00:26

The International Association on Public and Non-profit Marketing was founded in 2002 and we have come a long way in our experience.

Consumer-dominant social marketing: a definition and explication. T.Anker, R.Gordon, N.Zainuddin


Today, 15:36

The emerging consumer-dominant logic of marketing captures consumersactive and primary role in a range of mainstream marketing processes such as branding, product development and sales… The authors propose a definition of consumer-dominant social marketing (CDSM) and explicate five key elements which

underpin the phenomenon.

Una diversa fiducia. Per un nuovo rapporto nelle relazioni di cura. Sandro Spinsanti


19 February, 12:08

La buona medicina è un tavolo tenuto in piedi da tre gambe: pillole, parole e fiducia. Se una di queste tre risorse viene a mancare, l’insieme crolla…

TikTok e la salute pubblica: una proposta di ricerca


19 February, 17:39

TikTok is a short video sharing social media platform that has grown rapidly since its launch, amassing over 1 billion monthly global users as of September 202…

Tutti vegetariani per il clima? – Chara Sabelli. ScienzainRete


Today, 15:22

Per la prima volta nel 2020 e a un anno dall’ultimo sciopero globale per il clima, oggi i ragazzi di Fridays For Future scendono in piazza per chiedere ai governi di agire urgentemente contro il cambiamento climatico.

Too Much Information: Understanding What You Don’t Want to Know


Today, 12:49

How much information is too much? Do we need to know how many calories are in the giant vat of popcorn that we bought on our way into the movie theater?

Community-based Social Marketing per la salute e l’ambiente. One Health, One Planet (Non solo greenwashing sanitario)


Today, 15:03

A cura di G. Fattori e F. Romizi con la collaborazione di: Sabina Cedri, Valeria Rappini, Anna Maria Murante, Nicola Pinelli, Gea Ducci, Sandro Spinsanti, Alessandra Fabri, Alberto Mantovani, Stefania Bazzo, Paola Cavazzuti

Health between Education and Social Marketing. G.Fattori, M.Bonì, M.Daghio


19 February, 22:58

Reflecting on Social Marketing and Health Education and their differences and interconnections becomes essential to promote a free and sustainable future.

Sistema salute – Cultura e Salute Editore Perugia

Social marketing: Bologna’s Bella Mossa. The city that gives you free beer for cycling – BBC News


19 February, 10:53

Bologna Bella mossa: “Vai in bici e ti pagano la birra”


This is how the Italian city of Bologna is getting people to leave their cars behind.

Designation as a Landmark (best practice) case study through our peer selection process recognizes programs and social marketing approaches considered to be among the most successful in the world.

Tools of Change, Jay Kassirer

Marketing 19.0. Ripresa e resilienza post-Covid


19 February, 10:29

Nell’attuale periodo critico si può, e forse si deve, trovare la forza e il coraggio per recuperare il meglio del vero marketing ovvero un “Marketing buono” e farne strumento per sviluppare produttività e, quindi, competitività.

International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing – 7 and 8 July 2022 – Braga – Portugal


Today, 00:07

The International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing is an yearly event promoted by the International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM)/ Asociación Internacional de Marketing Público y No Lucrativo (AIMPN).

Social Marketing @ Griffith: How to reduce food waste . “Waste Not Want Not”


Today, 15:20
23% of the waste in our bins is food waste. Australian households waste about $1000 worth of food every year. Formative research showed fruit and vegetables as the main ingredients left in Redland’s fridges.
Academic Publishing


Today, 12:53

It’s not about the money…

Online Information of Vaccines: Information Quality, Not Only Privacy, Is an Ethical Responsibility of Search Engines


19 February, 11:59

Online Information of Vaccines: Information Quality, Not Only Privacy, Is an Ethical Responsibility of Search Engines.
Our study suggests that designing a search engine that is privacy
savvy and avoids issues with filter bubbles that can result from user-tracking is necessary but insufficient

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