Gea Ducci

Facoltà di Sociologia, Dipartimento di Scienze della Comunicazione e Discipline Umanistiche, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo
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Contatti: gea.ducci@uniurb.it

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Synchronized with digital society: new trends in contemporary social issues advertising


The aim of this paper is offering some point of discussion on emerging forms of social communication and on the challenges that it has to face because of never ending changes of digital society connected to the web evolution and the massive use of social media.
Besides an overview on some crucial aspects of literature on social communication, such as the tentative definition of its boundaries, we’ll focus on its role and languages in the changing social and media context. In particular we’ll discuss on the fact that social communication could be more effective with its publics when it “synchronizes” with society, forms, formats and languages used by contemporary media. For this purpose some national and international best practices will be pointed out, chosen because of their ability to synchronize and their effectiveness in reaching their goals using innovative strategies and instruments, but also adopting a media neutral attitude, that focus its strategy on ideas and creative concepts.

Stefania Antonioni – Università di Urbino Carlo Bo
Gea Ducci – Università di Urbino Carlo Bo

Antonioni S. e Ducci G., Sincronizzati con la società digitale: nuove tendenze della comunicazione sociale contemporanea, Rivista Comunicazioni Sociali, n.1, anno 2016, Vita e Pensiero, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano (pp. 127-137).

Italian Social Marketing Association

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