World Social Marketing Conference: Edinburgh 4-5 June 2019

Join us at the 6th World Social Marketing Conference: Edinburgh, 4-5 June 2019

“Influencing behaviour for social good”


We encourage you to join us at what we will be a must attend event for anyone passionate about fostering positive behaviour change.

Weather your tackling public health issues, encouraging community action or trying to make populations happier, healthier, greener or more sustainable the World Social Marketing Conference is perfect event to share your ideas and network with likeminded professionals form across the globe.

The mission of the World Social Marketing Conference is to act as a vehicle to help build a global movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing good practice in Social Marketing and behaviour change practice across a range of sectors and disciplines. Our aim is to help others increase the efficiency and effectiveness of behaviour change programmes at both operational and strategic levels by providing the world’s leading forum for professionals seeking to influence and change behaviour for social good. At our last conference over 500 representatives from 34 countries came together to exchange ideas, network and share their experiences.


  • Alex Aiken > Executive Director for Government Communications, UK Government
  • Pauline Aylesbury > Deputy Head of Communication, Scottish Government
  • Nicci Motiang > Strategy & Insight Lead, Scottish Government
  • Dulce Espelosin > Senior Manager-Training, Rare, Mexico
  • Bill Novelli > Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, USA
  • Abi Badejo > Griffith University, Australia & Founder of Grace + Grit Social Enterprise,
  • Anne Don Bosco > Head of Strategy, Public Health England
  • Jeff Jordan > President & Executive Creative Director, Rescue Agency, USA

At the conference new ideas and evidence will be presented by global thought leaders, policy makers, researchers, industry and practitioners. The event will bring together the global community of professionals passionate about fostering and enriching the growing field of Social Marketing practice around the world. // @wsmconference // #WSMC19


Are you trying to change behaviours for the better and using marketing or communication as a part of that? If you are, then we want to hear from you! Help inspire others, share knowledge and drive forward best practice in Social Marketing by sharing your work at WSMC 2019.

If you have a great case study, piece of research or on-going project you want to share with the behaviour change community then we encourage you to submit an abstract to the conference.


3 & 6 June 2019: Full & Half Day Training Workshops

Take advantage of a range of training workshops available to delegates before and after the main conference. These workshops will be exclusively available to delegates of the conferee and can be booked during registration.

Planning and Evaluation: Social Marketing Projects and Programmes

Facilitators: Prof. Jeff French, CEO Strategical Social Marketing & Dr David McElroy, Senior Policy Manager at Marine Stewardship Council

The aim of this interactive workshop session will be to explore in detail the key elements necessary when planning and evaluating Social Marketing projects and programmes. The workshop will be based on the European Centre for Disease Control technical guidance model for Social Marketing using the STELa planning framework (Scope, Test, Enact, Learn and Act). Participants will explore the ten key tasks involved in the approach and have an opportunity to engage in planning and analysis tasks. Key concepts of value creation development and selection will be covered as will the development of robust evaluation planning and reporting.

Fostering Sustainable and Healthy Behaviour through Community-Based Social Marketing

Facilitator: Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Founder Community-Based Social Marketing

This one-day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable and healthy behaviour. Those who attend the workshop will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing (selecting behaviours, identifying barriers, developing strategies, conducting pilots, and broad scale implementation) and be exposed to numerous case studies illustrating its use. As such, this workshop provides an in-depth exposure to community-based social marketing and provides participants with the knowledge they need to effectively create their own community based social marketing programmes.

Defining Your Audience’s Pathway to Behaviour Change

Facilitator: Jeff Jordan, President and Executive Creative Director, Rescue Agency

This workshop will provide an overview of how health communications and social marketing can contribute to health behaviour change by exploring the behaviour change pathways of knowledge, ability, and norms. Following the framework, the session will explore the components of effective behaviour change initiatives, including segmentation and targeting, as well as case studies showcasing how each pathway has been successfully implemented within a specific community and through a specific program. Evaluation best practices will be shared and tips for setting up a social marketing program for success from the time a behavioural challenge is identified and a strategic pathway is selected, through campaign development, implementation and evaluation.


European Social Marketing Conference: ESMA board and representatives. 5th September 2018



Social Marketing: Providing solutions to empowering citizen engagement, sustainability and wellbeing.






La conferenza è un evento da non perdere per i professionisti del marketing sociale, della  comunicazione e delle politiche della salute  che stanno lavorando per promuovere il bene sociale attraverso un cambiamento positivo del comportamento.

La  Conferenza  Europea vuole  individuare e diffondere  buone pratiche di marketing sociale e migliorare l’efficienza e l’efficacia delle pratiche  sia a livello operativo che a  livello strategico.

-Cos’è il marketing sociale?

Il marketing sociale è un insieme di prove e concetti basati su esperienze e tecniche che forniscono un approccio sistematico alla comprensione del comportamento e allo sviluppo di interventi sociali che funzionano. È una fusione di scienza, esperienza e “know how” pratico.

-Cosa succede alla conferenza?

Nuove idee e esperienze saranno presentate alla conferenza da leader, professionisti, studenti e coloro che hanno la passione di far adottare comportamenti positivi alla loro comunità, regione o nazione attraverso l’applicazione di strategie di comunicazione efficaci. L’evento riunirà professionisti, accademici, responsabili delle politiche, ricercatori ed esperti del settore per esplorare e arricchire le pratiche del Social Marketing in Europa.

-Come posso partecipare?

Il modo migliore per partecipare è semplicemente partecipare all’evento! Tuttavia, se hai un case study, un’idea per il workshop, una sessione di apprendimento interattivo, una nuova teoria o risultati di ricerca che desideri presentare alla conferenza, devi semplicemente presentare un abstract del tuo lavoro per la revisione tra pari. Gli abstract sono di 1000 parole al massimo e abbiamo modelli di invio utili per rendere la tua applicazione il più semplice possibile. Gli abstract che vengono riesaminati con successo (il processo è competitivo!) saranno selezionati per l’inclusione nel programma della conferenza.