ESMA: Italian Social Marketing Association

Professor Giuseppe Fattori

Short bio:

Giuseppe Fattori is anesthesiologist by training with residencies in nutrition science, biotechnology, hygiene epidemiology and public health. From 2000 to 2017 was the director of Communication and Social Marketing department at the national health system in Modena – Emilia Romagna (Italy), leading the Program for Health Promotion. During this period, he coordinated the “Map of Health Opportunities” and “Help-AIDS” projects for the region. Since 2006 he has been adjunct professor at the department of Political science, University of Bologna (Italy), titular of a series of lectures on Social Marketing at the master program. Dr Fattori’s current interests lie in the promotion of health, social marketing and social media. He has peer-reviewed publications in several areas of medical science and social marketing.

Italian Social Marketing Association

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