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Public Marketing IdeaBulletinEditorialAsking for peace from marketing Existing peace is not fabulous or enigmatic; hence, we cannot do magic. Peace exists in certain conditions of democratic legitimacy, social and political modernisation, economic development, and cultural understanding. With scientific rigour, peace can only be measured with a continuous variable ranging from bloody conflicts to harmonious arrangements. The categorical variable between peace and war needs to be more complex! Therefore, peace, by definition, requires the deployment of knowledge, abilities and attitudes. Skilled public and social marketers can make a difference by creating prosperity and enhancing exchanges. The more prosperous a society is, the less likely it is to suffer from dysfunctional conflicts. Similarly, trade and commerce work as an antidote to insensible wars. Marketers know how to strengthen free trade and growth. In addition, research supports the view that peace requires education in democratic values. We can infer from history that Russia was defeated in the cold war and nobody knew how best we could win the peace. In contrast, after the Second World War, Japan and Germany taught all how to win an enduring peace despite being defeated yet eventually fortunate. Therefore, the first question is how to bring about democracy in Russia (separation of powers, the rule of law, free press, respect for diversity and minorities, etc.) and allow free commerce with Ukraine, European Union and worldwide. Because there is a shred of irrefutable empirical evidence: nobody wins in a bloody and hateful war. Therefore, in principle, It comes down to our inability to move forward in democracy and spark modernisation into their lives. Let us take the liberty of being politically incorrect amid such horrendous noisy and painful suffering. It is noteworthy that the theoretical point is not who will win the war but how we can make a gallant effort to win all the peace.  Join us!https://www.aimpn.org ; 
News on scientific events
The XXII International Conference on Public and Non-Profit Marketing Conferences of Veszprém (Hungary) is approaching
There can be many examples of magnificent conferences, but they typically require excellent papers and driven delegates. To enhance this fine quality, the University of Pannonia ( ), founded in 1,949, puts forward the motto “cultural values in no business marketing” and calls for contribution in the hope of academic and scientific solutions. The venue is in Veszprém, a beautiful city in western Hungary whose 65,000 inhabitants love its lasting traditions and green surroundings. The professors Zoltán Veres and Catalin Lörincz, as conference chairs, are leading an organising and scientific team from the Faculty of Business and Economics. Are you missing out on this forthcoming event? 
News on important journals
IRPNM brings out its latest issue (4) and volume 19
There is always the question of what makes a scientific journal suitable. The International Review on Public and Non-Profit Marketing is devotedly managed by favouring interdisciplinary approaches, linking practice and theory and integrating reviewers and authors efficiently and wisely. Consequently, from submission to the first decision, it takes 51 days and reaches 81,010 downloads in 2021. This issue encompasses ten articles and deals with crisis mapping, facial expressions, green consumption, social marketing, altruism and materialism, moreover other vital topics. 

Responsibility & Sustainability is publishing its volume 8 and number 1 in 2023

In 2020 Responsibility and Sustainability (R&S) began to be published by the Latin American section of the IAPNM to offer Latin American academics a journal where they can publish their work. Furthermore, R&S prioritises articles presented at two annual IAPNM congresses: the Latin American Congress on Social Marketing and the International Congress on Teaching Cases. In addition, R&S offers authors the possibility of recording synthetic videos to present the content of their articles, which are disseminated on the AIMPN YouTube channel: As of this first issue of 2023, R&S began to be published in a continuous edition format. In addition, the R&S team is working for the journal to be included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) and Scielo.
News from our members
To improve public and non-profit marketing, IAPNM has relished the challenge of building a network of devoted and highly qualified academics in Latin America. It is only possible with those who are ready and serve to improve the policy implementations, develop research and place emphasis on teaching. The priority is to produce new knowledge and disseminate innovations through consultancies, training and publications. Of our representatives, the most outstanding are Luis Camilo Ortiguera-Sáncehez (Perú), Oscar Licandro-Goldaracena (Uruguay), Edith Patricia Borboa-Álvarez (México), Edy Lorena Burbano-Vallejo (Colombia), Marco Antonio Ríos Ponce (Ecuador), Enrique Bianchi (Argentina) and Emerson Wagner Mainardes (Brazil). No doubt, the number of IAPNM Latam members is soaring in its fine quality. 
News from other organisations
ISMA launches the first Social Marketing Conference in Africa
To celebrate its centennial anniversary, the University of Witwatersrand and its School of Business Science will host the first African Social Marketing Conference in 2023. This event is one of the pioneering academic initiatives of the recently founded African Social Marketing Association and will take place in Johannesburg (South Africa). The professors Debby Ellis, Helen Duh and their organising committee are pushing forward this exciting project. 
el pòster
ESMA prepares its conference in Slovenia
The European Social Marketing Association’s experience organising conferences has come a long way. Lisbon (2012), Rotterdam (2014), Espoo (2016), Antwerp (2014), and London (2017) are only a few brilliant past examples. Now the next scientific meeting will take place in Slovenia in 2024.
AEMARK led a seminar on the millennium objectives (January 23th) 
Eradication of poverty, compulsory primary education and gender equality are only three of the millennium objectives that the United Nations set out. Some lecturers highlight how to introduce these contents in the marketing courses and syllabus. They are Juan Miguel Rey Pino, Longinos Marín Rives, Inés López López, Emma Juaneda Ayensa and María Dolores de Juan Vigaray. It took place in room 205, module 16, at the Autónoma University of Madrid, Spain.
Italy is bringing into focus peace and marketing
The Italian Social Marketing Association has launched its 205 newsletters. It is worth noting that Philip Kotler and Christian Sarkar highlight the importance of marketing as a peacemaker. Going by these authors, there are pyramids of hate and love. They uphold that peace can be marketedhttps://marketingsociale.net
Initiatives from our members
Illuminating talks from Hungary
The associate professor of marketing Ida Ercsey delivered an exciting talk on “non-business marketing in the age of crisis” on the occasion of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Similarly, professor Erzsébet Hetesi gave a plenary talk on “responsible or irresponsible marketing” in Veszprém, Hungary. Considering sustainability, all the presenters brought up the issue of sustainability and were able to trigger insightful discussions. 
Sustainable consumption and food governance
The manager of the University Chair on Global Food Governance of the University of Oviedo, Amparo Novo Vázquez, led a stimulating seminar to acknowledge the university as an unavoidable forum to reflect on sustainability and consumption. In addition, Juan Carlos García y Cebolla shed light on how to deal with it from a Latin American perspective. It is not the first time that these university institutions brought out interesting materials regarding food governance and sustainability. Https://
uni de oviedo
Social Media
The IAPNM YouTube channel is increasing its community and resources
The new IAPNM YouTube channel has reached 77 subscribers and 3,313 visualisations. It offers 100 clips on conference talks, seminars, service presentations and a wide range of academic materials. It is certainly worth watching 
The Public Marketing Idea bulletin reach
As you have seen, we use the Hubspot tool to launch the IAPNM newsletter. Comparing issues 8 and 9, It has jumped from 183 to 294 primary target users. The reached target audience must be more significant. The good news is that while the bounce rate is plummeting, the click rate is soaring. We thank you for sharing it on your social media.
Interview with Oscar Licandro
When did you become a member of the IAPNM? I joined the IAPNM in 2009 when the congress was held in Valencia. At the end of 2008, I found papers from that year’s congress on the web, which had been in Hungary. At that time, I was interested in joining the association. So I asked for information about the 2009 congress and finally went to Valencia. I met colleagues from various countries and established relationships with many of them there. After the congress, José Luis Vázquez proposed that I be the representative of the association in Uruguay. It is how my relationship with the IAPNM began. At that time, I was a professor at the Catholic University of Uruguay; I currently direct the Chair of Social Responsibility of Organizations at the CLAEH University of Uruguay. What has your participation in the IAPNM been like since then? The first thing to say is that I began to attend international congresses. I was in Bucharest in 2010, Porto in 2011, Vitoria in 2015 and Cork in 2016. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the other congresses in person, although I participated virtually in the conferences in León (2020), Alcalá de Henares (2021 ) and Braga (2022). In 2019, the creation of the Latin American section of the IAPNM began to take shape when Enrique Bianchi organized the I Latin American Congress of Social Marketing in Córdoba – Argentina. In that congress, we created a work team leading the expansion of the association in Latin America. In 2020 I co-organized with Patricia Correa the II Latin American Congress of Social Marketing Congress, which was held virtually from Uruguay. Who are the members of this work team? What activities are the Latin American section of the IAPNM carrying out? The members with the most outstanding participation are Enrique Bianchi (Argentina), Emerson Mainardes (Brazil), Edy Burbano (Colombia), Marco Antonio Ríos Ponce (Ecuador), Luis Ortigueira (Peru), Patricia Borboa (Mexico), Patricia Correa y Stefanía Yapor (Uruguay), Gabriel Wald (Venezuela) and me. In addition, some colleagues from Spain (Ana Lanero, Mercedes Galán, José Miguel Ponce, María Isabel Sánchez, José Luis Vázquez) and Portugal (Arminda Paco) collaborate with us. Among the activities we carry out, two stand out: the Latin American Social Marketing Congress and the Responsibility & Sustainability journal publication. We have also organized some virtual events and some research projects have been launched in which members from various countries participate. How many editions are there of the Latin American Congress of Social Marketing? What are the projections for the future? In addition to Argentina (2019) and Uruguay (2020), we held the third congress in Venezuela (2021, although it was virtual) and the fourth congress in Lima (2022, which was hybrid). Furthermore, we have already determined that the fifth congress will be in Colombia in the last quarter of this year. This congress is our main annual event. Considering the four editions, it is likely that between 100 and 120 colleagues from the region have participated. Our objective is to consolidate this congress as a recognized and valued annual academic event attractive to Latin American colleagues. In this sense, our goal is to increase the number of participants every year and the quality of the presented works. Furthermore, we want the congress to serve the IAPNM to have a presence in all the region’s countries. Since when did the Latin American section of the IAPNM take charge of managing Responsibility & Sustainability? The IAPNM has published for almost 20 years the International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (edited by Springer), which only admits articles in English. To promote the publication of articles in Spanish and Portuguese, the IAPNM created Responsibility & Sustainability, which accepts articles in any of the three languages. The journal began to be published in Spain in 2013, but due to various problems, it stopped publishing in 2017. In 2020 the team from the Latin American section of the IAPNM decided to take over the management of the journal. Operational leadership is provided by Luis Ortigueira, who is doing an excellent job with the journal’s website and has also managed to include it in numerous databases. The editors are José Luis Vázquez and me. In this short time, we published one issue in 2020, another in 2021, and two in 2022. By 2023, Responsibility & Sustainability moved to a continuous publication format with two yearly issues. We are currently working to enter Scielo, Web of Sciences and Scopus. How do you feel in your role as editor of Responsibility & Sustainability? It is a task that I like very much. In 2013 I founded a journal called Cuadernos de Responsabilidad Social de las Organizaciones. I was its editor until 2020. So when the opportunity to edit Responsibility & Sustainability arose, I jumped at it. In addition, the challenge of getting a journal that had yet to be published three years back into operation was beautiful. We have formed a good team with Luis Ortigueira and José Luis Vázquez. The tricky thing was at the beginning because you had to get items and you had to solve multiple logistical and technical problems. From the beginning, the strategy was to link the journal with the three annual congresses of the IAPNM (the international, the Latin American and the case studies). This strategy has been successful because an essential part of the articles that we have published resulted from works previously presented at those congresses. 
PresidentJose Luis Vázquez BurgueteJournal DirectorGonzalo Díaz MenesesThe Journal Editorial BoardAmparo Cervera (Vice President), Helena Alves (Vice President), Isabel Sánchez-Hernández (Secretary), Ana Lanero (Treasurer), Clementina Galera-Casquet (Spain), Arminda Maria Do Paço (Portugal), Mario Miranda (Australia), Claude Pecheux, (Belgium), Emerson W. Mainardes (Brazil), Ivan Georgiev (Bulgaria), Walter Wymer (Canada), Edy L. Burbano (Colombia), Mirna Leko-Simic (Croatia), Marlene Demetriou (Cyprus), Miroslav Foret (Czech Republic), Elisa Monnot (France), Rodoula Tsiotsou (Greece), Erzsébet Hetesi (Hungary), Maurice Murphy (Ireland), Alberto Padula (Italy), Arvydas Guogis (Lithuania), Celina Solek (Poland), Ani Matei (Romania), Anna Vanova (Slovakia), Irena Ograjensek (Slovenia), Marlize Terblanche-Smith (South Africa), Oscar D. Licandro (Uruguay), Enrique C. Bianchi (Argentina), Sebastian Martin (Austria), Jorge Cea (Chile), Charles Emezi (Nigeria), Gabriel Wald (Venezuela), Luis C. Ortigueira (Peru), Marco A. Ríos (Ecuador), Edith Patricia Borboa (México), Nancy Engelhardt (USA), Hina Bhatti (Pakistan)International Association on Public And Nonprofit MarketingRenewed version ISSN 1988-7841
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