Social marketing for One Health. Digital poster contest

In 2002 the Italian Association of Social Marketing was founded. In these 20 years we have gone from the presence of Social Marketing (MS) in the programming of the “Health Plans” of a few innovative regions to the National Prevention Plan 2020/25 which provides for Social Marketing programs in all regions of Italy. Despite some inaccuracies, this is a big step forward in line with the growth of the European Association of Social Marketing (ESMA) and International (ISMA) . We are also celebrating Philip Kotler who 50 years ago started Social Marketing in the world.

We take advantage of these anniversaries to stimulate the growth of the discipline by launching the eighth edition of the Social Marketing competition  in a period characterized by civil, health and environmental catastrophes where ms for good causes is increasingly necessary. Everyone can participate by submitting a poster, in addition to being a contest it is also a party.

Social marketing for One Health.  Digital Poster contest

Human, animal and environmental health (One Health) are closely connected and are more and more involved in progammation at all levels and social marketing is one of the strongest levers to determine behavioral changes. By participating you share your experiences, make yourself known and … you can win the latest book by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee.

Honorary Committee

Philip Kotler
Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Jeff French
Brighton University
François Lagarde
University of Montreal

The Italian Association of Social Marketing meets the Honorary Committee


Giuseppe Fattori
ESMA Board, Chair of  the Representatives and Volunteers Committees


Sabina Cedri
Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Gea Ducci Università
Carlo Bò – Urbino
Sandro Spinsanti
Medical Humanities
Salvatore Cacciola
Rete Fattorie Sociali Sicilia
Valeria Rappini
Università Bocconi, Milano
Nicola Pinelli
Direttore FIASO
Stefania Bazzo
Associazione AIDEFAD
Agostino Di Ciaula
Medici per l’ambiente (ISDE)
Roberto D’Elia
Ministero della Salute

Anna M. Murante Scuola Sup Sant’Anna, Pisa
Nadina Luca Chair of ESMA
Sergio Cherubini
Università di Roma Tor Vergata

How to participate (Registration closed)

Deadline: 15 December 2022


Award for the best poster

-For the first author:

“Success in Social Marketing: 100 Case Studies From Around the Globe” Philip Kotler, Nancy R. Lee 2022 (Digital Edition)

-For the other possible authors of the winning poster:

Manual of social marketing for health and the environment: Not only soap”. Giuseppe Fattori, 2020

The books are offered by: Cultura e Salute Editore Perugia

Special Jury Prize to the first author of the best poster on “environment and health”

The prize is free enrolment in the “Social Marketing Key Concepts and Principles” course offered by ESMA (European Social Marketing Association).

The best posters will be displayed on a dedicated page of and published

Organizing Secretariat Paola Cavazzuti

Paola Cavazzuti


Under the patronage of

European Social Marketing Association
Word Social Marketing Conference

Italian Social Marketing Association

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