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Public Marketing IdeaBulletinEditorialResearching projects, attending conferences and publishing papers increase your impact The International Association on Public and Non-profit Marketing was founded in 2002 and we have come a long way in our experience. Some figures to support this statement are as follows: Our scientific conference is about to run its XXI edition, and so far has been attended by more than 2,500 attendees from all over the world. Our teaching case conference has celebrated its XIII edition and has come up with more than 1,300 educational innovation case studies throughout its history. Our primary research journal, The International Review on Public and Non-profit Marketing, has brought out 18 volumes with cutting edge advances in the form of research papers, theoretical reflections and notes. In addition, there is a website ( wherein our lifelong and prospective friends might find further information about a wide range of events, our alliances and our endeavours. All we need is you to shine a light on our hope and help us keep up the pace!
News on our scientific eventsThe forthcoming scientific congress of Braga (Portugal) On the 7th-8th of July, the XXI International Conference on Public and Non-profit Marketing will take place in Braga, Portugal. This edition’s motto sets out its agenda as “uniting marketing efforts for the common good: a challenge for four sectors” and is led by two chairs: principal lecturers Beatriz Casais & Ana María Soares, both from the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho. Its dazzling keynote speaker is the director of the Social Marketing Association of Portugal, doctor Carlos Oliveira Santos. It is worth expecting some opportunities to publish in top journals and books. To be specific, the best papers will be selected and brought out in The International Review on Public and Non-profit Marketing ranked Q2 by Scimago. IRPNM is also Emerging SCI. Similarly, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy Journal (Scimago Q3) is willing to consider the most insightful manuscripts. Likewise, Social Responsibility Journal (Scimago Q2) is ready to disseminate ground-breaking papers. Equally, Social Marketing Quarterly (Scimago Q3) will monitor the scientific production of the event for publishing. In addition, three different journals dedicated to projecting scientific evidence will be ready to put fine quality papers in print. Finally, We talk about Econviews: Review of Contemporary Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Issues; Contemporary Research on Organisation Management and Administration; and Responsibility and Sustainability, Socioeconomic, Political and Legal Issues. Last but not least, there will be a proceeding book entitled ‘The Congress Slogan to Challenge the Four Sectors’. The University of Minho was established in 1982 and today is one of the best universities of Portugal in the fields of Economics and Management. Its international alliances are linked to other prestigious institutions such as The University of Oxford, The London School of Economics and The State of New York University. The venue is located in the city of Braga, the third most populated city in Portugal, after Lisbon and Oporto, and boasts alluring tourist attractions.
ciudad de braga
News on two already celebrated recent scientific eventsThe XIII International Congress on Teaching Cases related to Public and Non-profit Marketing This was the XIII edition and took place in Bilbao on the 17th of December 2021. The Department of Finance Economics II of the Basque Country University and IAPNM hosted the event. Besides, other organisations supported it, such as Enpresa Institutua and FESIDE Foundation, because they firmly believe in Teaching Cases as a tool for learning and connecting companies with university teaching centres. More than 230 attendees (students and lecturers) and 19 different universities from Europe (Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy) and America (Mexico and Brazil) shared and delivered 75 case studies and innovative educational works, touching upon six impactful and hot topics such as Social Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Green Marketing, Social Marketing, Non-Profit Marketing and Digital Transformation. Two brilliant and incomparable keynote speakers participated. First, Dr. Oskar Villareal, an expert in case studies, adopted a triple perspective: teaching, transferring and researching. He shined a light on how to write up, structure, validate and use the case study tool by aligning each perspective to the searched goal. He stated that “researchers need to answer existential questions such as ‘why’ and ‘what for’ when researching cases and facing nonconventional scientific methods.” Second, Dr. Ramón Bernal, whose expertise falls into social accountability, highlighted its importance in better communication and managing companies’ information. He is the manager of the Lantegi Batuak Foundation, dedicated to integrating people with functional diversity. If it had not been for the pandemic, the delegates would have been invited to visit the old neighbourhood of the city where Ms. Eider Inunciaga would have guided around the magnificent BBK KUNA project and explained its social innovation in due course.           Oskar Villareal (left)                   &                                    Ramón Bernal (right)
oskar villareal
ramon bernal
III Latin American Social Marketing Conference (IAPNM-LATAM Congress on Social Marketing) Twenty-seven papers were presented at the Third Latin-American Conference of Social Marketing (IAPNM-LATAM Congress on Social Marketing) that took place in Venezuela last October. Delegates from Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Pakistan, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico imparted their knowledge. Therefore, they decided to carry on with the fourth edition at the Peruvian University of the Pacific in Lima.  
Two illuminating projects to push forwardThe University of Nicosia supports a project that wages war against cancer Since 2008, the Business School of the University of Nicosia has agreed on a Social Partnership with the Cyprus Anticancer Society. Every year they jointly organise events for Christmas, Easter and other festivities. Owing to the pandemic, the formal presence events turned out to be something different, yet touching and full of meaning. For example, last year, the staff members of the University of Nicosia formed a human chain with candles. They stood around the Hospice of Palliative Care for Cancer Patients of the Anti-Cancer Society. After a long-lasting alliance, this non-profit organisation awarded the “corporate giver” to this university educational centre of the Mediterranean sea. It is worth mentioning that all of this was intensively covered by the media. The full professor Marlene Demetriou is a proud member of the Executive Board of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. As she reflects, this alliance epitomises a magnificent case of Cause-Related Marketing Strategy between the University of Cyprus and this NPO. They seem the best of their kind.
Beira Interior University is committed to Open Science practicesThe European Union consortium UNITA, in which the Beira Interior University takes part, is dedicated to engaging citizens in innovations stemming from open science practices. So, it boosts civil society and encourages public actors to push forward developments toward training on open access endeavours for seminars, publications, labs, conferences, etc. Universities are active scientific producers, but they also empower social agents such as non-profit organisations and public bodies in their territories, clarified professor Helena Alves. No doubt, open access is the symptom of a new climate in publishing scientific knowledge. 
News on ISMA, AEMARK & ESMADatabase and Social Marketing in Spain It might be said that social marketing is both a scientific discipline and a job to perform. For this reason, it might be helpful to build a network of scientists and practitioners whose performance can find support and guidance by organising themselves. In this vein, it is worth noting the emergence of professional associations of social marketing worldwide in regional organisations. This proliferation is strong in Anglo-Saxon countries. For example, the American ( and Australian entities ( are well-consolidated. Yet it also emerges in Asia ( ), Europe ( ) and Latin America ( ). Especially in Europe, there are certain countries where academics and professionals have built national associations, such as in Portugal ( and Italy ( the United Kingdom, social marketing has been recognised as a state institution in the shape of the National Social Marketing Centre ( With these achievements in mind, the International Association on Public and Non-profit Marketing is taking up the task of building a database with those who are devoted social marketers in Spain. Would you like to be included in this promising database? Marco Cruz Morato, Carla Rodríguez Sánchez and Gonzalo Díaz Meneses have volunteered to build this resource.If you please, email (  
News on our scientific journalsWe celebrate that the IRPNM Editor has been awarded in recognition of excellence Publishing is arguably as important a task as teaching for lecturers. Yet becoming an editor of a scientific journal and being recognised with editorial excellence depends on how editors manage the reviewing process and how the authors feel their support. What is more, It is an authentic, gallant effort since most potential authors get rejected from top journals. Nevertheless, the International Review on Public and Non-profit Marketing has been rated by more than 42,000 authors as excellent because they very much appreciate the advice and comments received throughout the reviewing process. This new prize leads us to see the elephant in the room: authors play a role in producing scientific advances and, hence, editors should put soft and hard skills together. Springer and IRPNM have learnt this after assessing authors’ satisfaction. In a better world, authors should be much better treated as Springer Nature and IRPNM do. 
Interview with the Spanish RepresentativeClementina Galera Casquet Please, could you introduce yourself? Who are you?  I´m an Associate Professor (Prof. Titular de Universidad) in the Department of Business Management & Sociology at the University of Extremadura (Spain), where I teach Marketing courses (Graduate, Master and Doctoral levels). I´m currently engaged in innovative research in the areas of Cause-Related Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility, Non-Profit Marketing, and Business & Non-Profit Organizations Alliances.I like to follow the maxim in teaching: “To teach Latin to John, it is not enough to know Latin, but it is necessary to know and understand John”. My main hobby is reading, but I also love listening to music. Now, I am learning to play the guitar. When did you become a member of IAPNM and assume the position of Spanish representative? I have been with the Association since its creation in 2002. The first Congress was held in León, and I assumed the position of representative in Spain in 2003, from the 2nd IAPNM Congress held in Zaragoza (Spain), where the interest and the significance of this great Project began to be seen. What characteristics do you value most in the IAPNM Association from the Spanish Perspective? IAPNM – Spain has always had a strength and a fundamental role in the entire trajectory of the IAPNM. First of all, we have to bear in mind that the president and founder of IAPNM (José Luis Vázquez) is Spanish and has promoted all the projects since its inception. Furthermore, the most significant number of members belongs to the Spanish headquarters and many of the contacts with other countries have been carried out through them.I would say that the most outstanding value of IAPNM – Spain is that it has allowed us to strengthen contacts between the different Spanish members (and also with the Portuguese colleagues due to their proximity) when collaborating on joint publications, projects, theses supervision, courses, and seminars.What areas do you think the Spanish section of the IAPNM association needs to develop? Expand contact with new academics who are recently joining research and/or teaching in our areas. To involve more members in the association’s activities and learn more about their current research.In this sense, to provide further visibility to the Association and the numerous projects being carried out among the Spanish members, it would be very optimistic about recovering the IAMPN – Spain website. Do you have any anecdotes involving your time at the IAPNM Association? IAPNM Congresses have always been a place of learning, fellowship, and entertainment.A moment that I will always remember is the farewell at the airport of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 2006, at five in the morning. The last small group of Spaniards, we sang gratefully and happily to our colleague Alexandru Naghiu (RIP) “something dies in the soul when a friend leaves…” It had to be unusual because the police and other travellers did not stop looking at us with a mix of wonder and concern. 
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