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As AI becomes more pervasive in healthcare, can robots learn to show more empathy than doctors?

Except medicine requires more than just technical expertise: It needs empathy, too.

Empathy has been noticeably lacking in medicine as of late. In the past few decades, doctors have developed a reputation for being coldand aloof, for treating patients as numbers and objects, not human beings with valid lived experiences and unique histories. One of the most common complaints among patients today is the “clinical” attitude of their attending physicians. That word has become synonymous with detached, unempathetic, and impersonal treatment—everything many of us would much rather our attending physician not be.

The ECDC Fellowship Programme has the following programme objectives: To strengthen the surveillance and control of infectious diseases and other cross border health threats or  issues of public health concern in the EU/EEA Member States and at EU level, supporting the implementation of Decision 1082/2013/EU; To enhance response capacities for effective field investigation and communicable disease control at national and community level to meet public health threats; To strengthen the European network of public health professionals through use of shared standards and methods,  good practices and common public health objectives; To support cascading of training and capacity building within the Member States; To facilitate multi-disciplinary cooperation in the above fields. It has two paths: a path for field epidemiology and a path for public health microbiology Field epidemiology path (EPIET): This path focuses on training and practical experience in intervention epidemiology at the national and regional centres for surveillance and control of communicable diseases in the European Union. Public health microbiology path (EUPHEM): This path focuses on training and practical experience in laboratories with public health functions or training sites with a consortium of different laboratories in Europe.